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Sava Savanovic, Ladies Man

Written by admin on Sunday, December 30th, 2012

savasdevil1There are many obstacles when you are a vampire. There are also many advantages!

While many already know Sava Savanovic as a legendary vampire, many have not yet met Sava Savanovic, ladies man.

Serbia has many beautiful women but now it is time for me to discover the beauty in other countries. Germany, France, Portugal – my first three stops have shown me what I have been missing for all these decades!

I will be introducing a new feature on my website – SAVA’S DEVILS. The lovely ladies of the world will be able to submit their photos to me and also, pledge their love for the great Savanovic!

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One Response to “Sava Savanovic, Ladies Man”

  1. Felicity says:

    Nice try but call me skeptical when someone wishes for pictures of tramps to be his girls….a true vampire would not stoop to such levels such as involvement with harlots. I will believe when I see absolute proof, and as a side note, Serbian women are rather easy, try Australia assuming you can handle women with fight and who will not undress because some uneducated fool proclaims to be a vampire ….rather gullible I must say.

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Sava Savanovic is a sexy, undead gentleman