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Sava Savanovic Speaks Out!

Written by admin on Thursday, December 6th, 2012

savanovic-sava-bilboardIt did not have to come to this, Zarožje. Your actions of the last week have left me sad, angry and disillusioned with you. It seems like you now see me as a threat, someone you need to protect yourself from.

For decades you have milked my name for every tourist dollar possible, treating me like I am your mascot. Now, the Village Council issues a public health warning and claim that you are frightened.

I will make this very easy on you.

As of the 6th of December 2012, Sava Savanovic, Legendary Vampire, has left Serbia. You no longer have to live in fear of me.

With this, you also can not claim me as a tourist attraction. I have decided I will choose a new home town that wants me there, which wants the tourist dollars I bring.

The real vampires here are the Village Council and people like Miodrag Vujetic. Sucking every last dollar out of my name, instilling fear in the villagers by advising them to hang garlic and holy crosses. This is fear mongering of the worst kind… or is it just a cheap publicity stunt to suck another buck from the legend of the great Savanovic? Well Mr. Vujetic, it has backfired on you!

Congratulations Village Council, you have ended a century old affiliation with your greedy actions! You erect billboards in my honor, you make my former home a tourist attraction. You have taken from me for decades but now, when you claim I am homeless, you do nothing to find me a new home! What have you done to keep me there?

Zarožje is my past.


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